Watch Log

Marriage Story

This was painful to watch, and the characters were mostly unlovable, even the child. Driver's performance was good, though, especially his rendition of Sondheim's Being Alive and the really, really, slow zoom. Juxtapose that with the cut to the next song and it’s a pretty good cinematic sequence. Other than that, I get how it won got nominated for an Oscar in that “let’s see how painful life can be” type of film. 22-Feb-2024

Dungeons and Dragons

I forgot to mention that I watched Dungeons and Dragons. It was all right, better than I thought it was going to be. I don't have a lot of insight into what jokes were made for the D&D folks and maybe that would have made it funnier. I got the feeling there were jokes in there that I didn't get. 15-Feb-2024

Sound of Metal

I just happened upon this one and watched it on a whim; wasn't disappointed. One of the reasons I watched was because Riz Ahmed is in it, who I got turned on to from the Ms. Marvel soundtrack. Pretty beautiful, calm, slow film. Sound design on point. 09-Feb-2024

Uncut Gems

I didn't particularly enjoy this but I could see how some people would because of the grittiness. It reminded me of A Simple Plan in that it was one of those train-wreck watching movies where things just keep going wrong until they don't. Pretty boring cinematic trope. 08-Feb-2024


A lot to update. I've made it a goal to watch and read a lot more this year, as it's something that I enjoy and haven't done enough of. I used to write all these things about stuff I watched and it was fun, so I'm gonna do it again.


  1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running - Finished this recently and it made me want to start running but then again not really.
  2. Good Inside - Pretty invaluable book about parenting. Haven't finished it yet, but soon.
  3. The Monk of Mohka - Dave Eggers weaves a yarn about coffee. Very fast read and learned a lot about coffee.

Movies & TV

  1. Wonka
  2. The Bear
  3. Strange Planet - Fans of comic will like it. Gracie loves the different ways of describing stuff.
  4. Without Remorse - Meh
  5. Everything Everywhere All at Once - It's surprising that this film deals with values and parenting and existence and mindfulness, but maybe it isn't.

Ms. Marvel

The soundtrack to this show is banging. I couldn't find all the songs on it, so I made a playlist on Apple Music. 18-Jul-2022

Dr. Strange and the Multi-verse of Madness

I watched this while I had Covid. I'm not sure it was a great idea. I would sleep like 2 hours, then watch a half hour of this, then fall asleep for another 2 hours. So sometimes when I was awake watching I wasn't sure I was really awake and sometimes when I was sleeping my dreams were really fucked up. 13-Jul-2022