Infinite Regress Collective Mix Tapes

All through college and for a while after I had a lot of friends making music, and I made a lot of music, too, but at some point, life started catching up and it just didn't happen as much. At a certain point I was liviing in New York and I was missing making music with my friends, but there was too much pressure to try and make original music. At the same time, I felt myself stagnating in terms of listening to new music, so I started thinking about covers that I'd like to play that had come out that year and wanted to know all the other music my friends were listening to that year as well. Eventually, I started to coax my friends into playing those covers as well, and it turned out to be a great time. It was a win-win-win scenario: I got to make music, listen to friends make music, and also discover new songs that I'd not heard that year.

We were able to keep this going for about 4 years, and there are a lot of great songs listed here. The first two years are on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure.